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how to wash your lashes

Step 1- 48 hours after appointment it is safe to wet lashes & wash them


Step 2- Wet your lashes down gentle with water


Step 3- Apply one squeeze of lash cleanser the size of your small fingernail onto your hand.


Step 4- Gently rub onto your eyelid in circular motion gentle lather the cleanser up on the eyelid.


Step 5- Gently using one finger, wipe the lathered cleanser downward onto the lash extensions a few times per eye.


Step 6- (Drying Classic Lashes) using a towel extremely gently come in & press down with the lashes & hold to dry, then remove slowly. If done fast the towel can grab like velcro to the extensions


Step 6- (Drying Hybrid & Volume Lashes) Using a blow dryer on a cold setting at arm's length away from your lashes. Moving blow dryer side to side keeping arm's length away, until dry. This keeps your volume fans nice and fluffy & open if not blow-dried regularly can cause your fans to close up slowly over time.


The average person has between 90 to 120 natural lashes per upper eyelid some more or less.  Aiming to place an extension on all possible lashes during your full set or fill the appointment. Each eye will naturally shed 3 to 5 sometimes more some times less depending on the health of your lash, diet and everyday activities.


For people with a normal lash growth cycle.
Some of us with faster hair growth or oily hair may lose more each week.

Crying & hay fever will cause your lashes to slip off faster then normal !  


If you've ever had lash extensions before that feel like they are pulling at your skin, sore spots along your lid line it's more likely because the stylist has attached extensions to your skin instead of your natural lash and leaving a .5 millimeter gap between the natural lash and skin.

Equally as bad, they have glued multiple extensions to multiple natural lashes which can result in severe damage lashes. This is because each natural lash grows at a different rate so when there is an extension that is attached to several lashes they can literally rip your natural lashes out as they grow! 

This all will require removal to save your lashes from growing back funny or not at all! This is done correctly with the right product to cause no damage to your natural lashes.

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