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Hi, my babes. I'm Missie-lee! I am 30 years old, living in Hervey Bay, QLD Australia, with my beautiful crazy 2-year-old Tama, that keeps me on my toes, partnered with my big kid I call my partner 😜 Being a Mum and business owner, I'm always doing something! My favourite quote is 'NEVER FINISHED.' It is short and sweet but has a significant meaning. Anyone that knows me, I'm big on inspirational quotes and speeches. 

Founder of After Dark Beauty Bar, Master Lash Tech with 6+ years experience, Brow Artist, Boss/Manager & Lash Educator. 

I like to call myself a research queen, always learning more; listening instead of talking is my thing, don't get me wrong, I can speak underwater but ill ask all the questions or be spreading my knowledge' hints why I love inspirational speeches, haha! We opened a shop front over 4+ years ago located on Torquay road. After 3 years, we had building problems, an "old building", so we relocated to 42 Watson Street, a beautiful newly renovated private shop of our dreams! Working alone side such a lovely bunch of girls; when I say we are like a family means I never turn my back, NO matter what! Education is my thing, and helping others succeed makes me go to bed every night, happy and ready for the next day, knowing other people rely on me! I'm a passionate person with nothing but respect and love for other passionate people! 👑

I'm constantly training and expanding my business. I have also trained many girls in the wide Bay in my time and have been working hard on a new adventure just for students to keep updated & future members training under @theelashfamily FIRST lash academy in the wide bay! Lash Family will be a close community for lash tech to take the latest courses, keep up to date, and be part of a real LASH FAMILY. Bouncing information off one another is the best way to maximise growth and make sure things are being done correctly in the industry! Walking into this industry when lashes were only a baby, I have been through it all & then x10 😂 Im teaching people things I wish I had been introduced to back in my training days, but I'm here to help people avoid unnecessary mistakes and stress! I thrive on a challenge 💪😉

First-ever lash studio in Hervey Bay 
We opened our door back in 2018 & on top of that have many more years of experience, we provide high-quality treatments & specialize in just eyelash extensions and brow sculpting & Teeth whitening. 


Whether you’re hoping to look amazing for that upcoming event or want to look great 24/7, you have come to the right place! I promise you will walk out of your appointment with the lash & brow look you desired, customized & created just for you. 

After Dark Lashes offers a clean, relaxing, and stylish atmosphere. I take pride in my business using only high-quality tested equipment and products for the best results.

Fully qualified eyelash & eyebrow stylists for many years now have always strived for perfection. We have learned a lot from personal experience, further researching & studying over the years in the industry.


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