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  • If cared for correctly your eyelash extensions should last up to 2.5 to 3.5 weeks before needing a refill, depending on your natural lash cycle as everyone is different. Your daily routine for example (gym, work, and hobbies) causes natural oils to form around your eyes from sweating a lot. Oils are what we want to prevent the most with lashes due to it eats at the glue (adhesive) and make your lashes slip off. 


  • After your appointment keeps your lashes dry from things such as sweat & water for 2 hours to allow a stronger glue bond. Don't cleanse your lashes or wash them for a minimum of 2 hours after the appointment.

  • Cleanse your lashes everyday more if you cry for the best results use an eyelash extension cleanser with a Ph balancer that comes with an application brush which is available from After Dark Lashes. 


  • Please if you are experiencing any bad stinging sensations you might need to just wash your eyes out correctly due to the vapour of the glue. If you are still feeling uncomfortable please contact me straight away you might be allergic to the glue & sadly but we will have to remove your pretty lashes. This will be done correctly with quality products to not damage any natural lashes. 


  • Use cotton buds to remove makeup gently around your eyes. Stay away from the extensions themselves due to the fluff will get stuck to the silk lashes.

  • Brush daily with a mascara wand that will be provided for you to maintain shape.

  • Your eyelashes will always fall away on one side more than the other, this can be prevented by not sleeping on your lashes try to keep rotating positions while sleeping. Keep in mind everyone's head weighs the same amount as a bowling ball having this pressure on your lashes will cause damage.  

  • Please keep in mind that everyone's daily activities & environment can be very different, for example working with hot steam & sweating from running constantly is causing your lashes to fall away earlier than generally recommended. If you notice they are all falling away before your third-week appointment please do not wait until the third-week point, come in earlier or a full set price of lashes will be applied.

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