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Tinted Brows :

We all know the importance of perfect eyebrows. Brows are what shape our face making a woman's face light up when given the right attention.  After Dark Lashes guarantees you will walk out with the perfect brows measured to precision working with the best tints & dyes on the market. To captivate your individual face, shape & features. Read below to get a better idea of what service best suits you. 

Brows are a big emotional reader, without them who knows where we would be? Having the right brows shaped for your face & features can make all the difference giving your face balance and beauty. Brow sculpting is very different to just a basic wax.

Tint and plucking this is done with measuring and precision making sure you walk out with brows your face has been frowning for!

Sculpting also includes finishing with luxury brow products. 


Brows After Wax



Made for brows that need regular attention ( Lot of hair ) Measured and shaped to your face receiving waxing, trimming & tweezers for a tidy quality finish. 


Brow After Tint


Designed for the ladies wanting a very natural look ( Only Tints hair ).

Being measured and then shaped using high-quality semi-permeate tint matching hair colour if desired you may go darker or lighter.


Brow Tint Wax & Sculpture


Wanting it all at once a tailored designed brows. Starting with waxing, trimming, and tweezing then shaping to perfection. Then tinted/coloured to the shade chosen at your appointment walking out looking & feeling amazing. With the brows you always deserved.

Brow Dye & Wax & Sculpture

Evenly dyes the skin and the hair providing a rich and bright shade.

The extra-long-lasting tone stays up to 2-3 weeks on the skin and up to 5-7 weeks on hairs.













Brow Lamination


Using all brow code products is one of the top leading brands worldwide! 
Brow Lamination is a form of perming. This service will perm your brow hairs straight, so you can brush up your brows to the ideal position. Along with a tinted if wanted (if not only $80 for this service) 

Receiving full lamination.

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