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$90 Full Set

$60 Refill


Classic eyelash extensions are a single extension applied to a single natural lash only at approximately .5 of a millimeter away from your eyelid skin. Which is then angled & aligned to get a straight beautiful result, making it very precise work that requires a great deal of concentration & steady hand.


 A Classic full set has from around 90 to 150 extensions applied per eye this depends on the client & how many natural healthy lashes they have to begin with. (I aim to extend all possible lashes). Refills are required around every 2.5 to 3 weeks at the latest, due to we are always shedding our natural lashes in their lash cycle shedding a new set of lashes every month!





$125 Full Set

$80 Refill Set


Hybrid Lashes are a mix of classic lashes and volume this look is to die for! Classic lashes are bolder and darker so mixed with the fluffy lighter, thinner volume extensions give you an amazing look!






$150 Soft Volume Full Set

$95 Soft Volume Refill

1hour 15mins 

$170 Glamours Volume Full Set 
$110 Glamours Volume Refill
1 hour 30mins

A volume full set is a new line of extensions they come in a thinner, lighter fiber giving you a very fluffy look perfect for clients with not many natural lashes to begin with or you just want the biggest & best! Applied to one single natural lash, you will be asked if you want 2D for example 2 extensions are grabbed then applied to the one natural lash, 3D is 3 lashes joined to the one natural lash, 4D is 4 lashes and so on till 6D. When applied they are then fanned out to get a fuller, fluffier look. Depending on the final look you're after soft volume is a soft light look & glam volume lashes are the biggest lashes you can get thick and dense. 


 We all know the importance of perfect eyebrows. Brows are what shapes our face making a woman's face light up when given the right attention.  After Dark Lashes guarantees you will walk out with the perfect brows to captivate your individual face, shape & features. Read below to get a better idea of what service best suits you. 


Brows After Wax



Made for brows that need regular attention ( Lot of hair ) Measured and shaped to your face receiving waxing, trimming & tweezers for a tidy quality finish.


Brows After Tint



Designed for the ladies wanting to fill in the gaps ( Less hair ).

Being measured then shaped using high-quality semi permeate tint matching to hair colour if desired you may go darker or lighter.


Brows After It All 



Wanting it all at once a tailored designed brows. Starting with waxing, trimming, and tweezing then shaped to perfection. Then tinted/coloured to the shade chosen at your appointment walking out looking & feeling amazing. With the brows you always deserved.

Brow Lamination



Using all brow code product is one of the top leading brands worldwide! 
Brow Lamination is a form of per
ming. This service will perm your brow hairs straight, so you can brush up your brows to the ideal position. Along with a tinted if wanted (if not only $80 for this service) 

Receiving full lamination.





If you have got lash extensions from another artist & not happy with the result! There will be a charge applied for removal time & products. If you are wanting a new set of lashes then just book that in after your removal appointment.


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