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classic full set on a local hervey bay woman


Full Set$140 

2 Week Refill- $100
3 Week Refill- $120


Classic eyelash extensions are applied to a single natural lash only approximately 0.5 millimeters away from your eyelid skin. The lash is then angled and aligned to get a straight, beautiful result, making it exact work that requires a great deal of concentration and a steady hand.


 A Classic complete set has found 90 to 150 extensions applied per eye. This depends on the client & how many natural healthy lashes they have. (I aim to extend all possible lashes). Refills are required around every 2.5 to 3 weeks because we are constantly shedding our natural lashes in their lash cycle and shedding a new set of lashes every month!





Full Set$150 

2 Week Refill- $100
3 Week Refill- $125

Hybrid Lashes are a mix of classic lashes and volume, and this look is to die for! Classic lashes are bolder and darker, so they, combined with the fluffy, lighter, thinner volume extensions, give you a fantastic look!




Hybrid full set with brow wax dye and sculpture located in hervey bay
soft volume full set hervey bay


Full Set$160 

2 Week Refill- $125
3 Week Refill- $130

A soft volume full set is a line of extensions that come in a thin, light fiber, giving you a very fluffy look that is perfect for clients with few natural lashes or if you want a soft and fluffy look! Applied to one natural lash, depending on your lash health, we will apply 2D. For example, two extensions are grabbed and applied to the one natural lash, 3D is three lashes joined to the one natural lash, 4D is four lashes, and so on till 6D. When used, they are fanned out to get a fuller, fluffier look. Depending on the final look you're after, soft volume is a smooth, light look & glam volume lashes are the biggest lashes you can get thick and dense. 


Full Set$175 

2 Week Refill- $140
3 Week Refill- $150

A mega volume full set is a line of extensions that come in the thinnest fiber but have more fans added per extension, giving you a very dense look perfect for clients that want the biggest & best! We will apply to one natural lash depending on your lash 6D. For example, six extensions are grabbed and applied to the one natural lash, and so on, until 8D. The higher the amount of extensions per fan, the lighter the fiber has to be for the best retention results and no damage to natural lashes. When applied, they are fanned out for a fuller, fluffier look. Depending on the final look you're after, mega volume is a glam look due to being the biggest lashes you can get! 


Full Set$170 
2 Week Refill- $140
3 Week Refill- $150

Spike lashes, also known as closed lash fans, are volume lashes, provided you are not fanning it out. Spikes can be incorporated into any volume lash set, making them more textured, spiky, and wispy.
We can handmake spikes on the spot at your appointment as defined and long as you like in good measure that your lashes are healthy and strong enough to hold what we place! 

wispy spikes cateye full set after dark beauty bar
eyelash extensions wet set


Full Set- $165-
2 Week Refill- $100-

Wet-look lashes are created ess
entially by using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much-closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect handmade at your appointment with love by our talented lash artists.

Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 8.17.13 pm.png


The lash artist creates handmade fans without the use of machinery. These are made in real-time during the appointment. This allows us to lash artists to customize every fan we hand make to suit every natural lash isolated, giving the best retention results possible. The finished look is a lot more dense and bold than premade lashes. We can grab up to 20D, 20 individual fibres, to create a big fan as we work with thin diameters 0.02/0.03. This is more delicate than the hair on most people's heads—big bold but light as a feather. 




If you have got lash extensions from another artist & not happy with the result! There will be a charge applied for removal time & products. If you are wanting a new set of lashes then just book that in after your removal appointment.


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