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​                                     DONT'S


  • Ever Pick Pill or Touch your eyelashes extensions.

  • Don't get your lashes extensions wet for 24hours this make sure the glue bond has fully set. After 48hours is okay to keep them clean by washing with water & lash cleanser gentle read more information on how to wash your lashes click here

  • Don't Put any oil-based products near or on your eye area this can put a layer over your lashes which causes you to loosen the bond with the glue. For example make-up remover, moisturizer & even oil-based make-up! If you are unsure just research the product ingredients you are applying. 

  • Don't Sleep on your lashes if possible sleep on your back or keep rotating sides. This is a big killer waking up from a rough night of sleep so try to keep in mind our head weighs the same as a bowling ball, your lashes are made of fine silk fibers which will cause damage. ( Having a silk pillowcase will stop your silk lashes from catching with the cotton pillowcase causing friction & breakage)

  • Don’t wipe your eyes with a towel or material as such. This can grab your silk lashes.

  • Rubbing your eyes will hurt a lot if you do. It will pull your natural lashes and cause them to fall out.

  • Don’t use mascara of any kind! This will make your lashes stick together and will interfere with the glue bonding with the lashes. Unless using specifically designed extension mascara that you can also purchase from After Dark Lashes.

  • Stay away from liquid eyeliners this can cause clogging in between your natural lashes & your extensions. You can also purchase this from After Dark Lashes.

  • Try not having too hot of showers or going into a sauna. Stay away from hot steam if possible.

  • If you feel lashes are not your thing don't remove them yourself come in and get them removed correctly so you don't damage your lash line or loss any natural lashes!

  • Hay fever and being sick can be a killer for lashes causing your eyes to be all teary & rubbing. When you cry your lash hair follicles swell up, which will also make your lashes fall out faster than promised! 

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